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Naughty next door - party time

We'd decided to have a party, for no reason other than I had not had time for fun lately. After my accident which had made me bed bound, I had started to recover from the ‘recovery' instigated by my 15 year old sex bomb Emma, and her older teacher sister Sarah.

Sarah had shown herself to be very equal to her younger sister in learning sex, and I wanted to get inside her mind and body a lot more than I already had.

As it was early exam time 15 year old Emma was sharing quite a lot of school time and work with Jay, and although he had indulged in a little orgy with Emma and I, it was only fair of me to allow him time and space with this little sex minx, while I enjoyed her sister.

And I had no problems with my relationship with Sarah. For a Catholic teacher she could fuck for England.

We were each drinking a glass of wine when we were approached on the long sofa by Jay and Emma who'd invited Emma's friend 16 year old Kayleigh and her equal aged boyfriend Alan.
Sarah looked as they walked away. I could tell she was attracted to Jay, and of course to me Emma wasn't ever hard to look at.
I caught a glimpse of the four friends looking at us, talking and grinning.
A few minutes later, Jay and Emma left the room with their friends, Jay giving us a wave and a half-smile that kind of said come upstairs in a few minutes.

We drank and I gently groped Sarah.
Then suddenly there was Emma wrapped in one of my big white bath sheets.
"Hi Sis," she said, sitting down, "ah - we were just wondering if you'd like to join us."
Sarah's eyes lit up. "You and Jay" she asked.
"Um... and Alan and Kayleigh," was the reply. "We've been talking it over and we think it would be fun. Would you like to"
Sarah looked at me to see how I felt about a party of six.

"I'm ok with that. How about you" I said.
She turned back to Emma and nodded.

"Jay and Alan think Sarah has great tits," she said matter of factly, "they don't shut up about her."
She kissed me on the cheek and stood up, holding the bath sheet close around her. "When you're both ready, just come into the back bedroom," she said and sashayed away.
Sarah returned a couple of minutes later and we went through to the back bedroom. I tapped on the door and swung it open a few inches, calling: "It's Sarah and me."
As usual in there, there were only bed lights on in the room.

My King Size bed occupied about one third of the total floor space.
Jay was under the sheet and poked his head out and drew us in.

Closing the door behind us the first thing I saw was sweet Emma and her 16 year old girlfriend Kayleigh in a naked embrace on the bed their hands all over each other's bodies.

I stiffened instantly.
Kayleigh's boyfriend sat naked beside them, cock in hand. He'd obviously been wanking himself while watching the girls together.
Just look at Kayleigh with Emma." He said, almost with pride.
Kayleigh was too distracted but Emma glanced up at us and smiled over Kayleigh's head as she eased her onto her back and started kissing her breasts.
I stared at the two teen girls for a moment before another movement in the corner of my eye caused me to turn to see 15 year old Jay and Sarah closing in a heated embrace and instantly sharing a deep tongue kiss.
She slid one arm around him and the other down between them where she undoubtedly grasped a handful of hard cock. In return, he had one hand full of tit and the other grabbed hard on her ass, pulling her harder against his naked body.
Sarah, with only a second's hesitation, dropped to her knees in front of him, grasped his cock between her hands and took it in her mouth.
I watched as if hypnotised as Sarah sucked his hard shaft.
"Mmm, yes!" he groaned between clenched teeth, then he beckoned to his friend.
I know what I expected Alan, who was only just 16, to do as he advanced towards them, his rigid cock bouncing outward from his body, as it was instantly clear his first job was to help strip Sarah naked as quickly as possible.
Lifting Sarah's arms from behind, Alan jerked her back to her feet, a motion accompanied by a sucking noise as Jay's cock popped out of her mouth, followed by a soft murmur of her disappointment at having his cock taken away.
Now slipping his arms under hers and across her chest, Alan took a step backward causing Sarah to sag into his arms and he dragged her back towards the mattress, taking the opportunity to grope her tits from behind as he went.
Jay advanced with them, grasping the hem of her dress and raising it to the point at which Alan's arms were clasped around her.
Alan backed up until Sarah was over the mattress then let go of her, pulling her arms upward as he did so, so that she sat down with a gasp and, as she fell, Jay whipped her dress up and off over her head.
In the next second they both descended voraciously on her, their teen enthusiasm running riot. Alan dispensed with any attempt to actually remove her bra in his haste to bury his face in her bare tits, simply tugging the cups over the top of her breasts, while Jay wrenched her knickers off, tossing them aside before abruptly spreading her legs and plunging his cock into her.
She let out a small cry of surprise but the next second it was stifled as Alan, shifting position, filled her mouth with his own erect penis.
A sense of sex tension which had dawned watching them so brusquely disrobe Sarah grew within me as I watched the two men start thrusting at her, hearing her gagging on Alan's cock, seeing how hard Jay was gripping her ankles, holding them shoulder height and wide.
Beneath them, Sarah was now struggling to free herself from this hard young fuck. Sarah suddenly disengaged Alan but it was not to get away, it was to undo her front-fastening 'party bra' and wriggle herself into a marginally more comfortable position before finding Alan's cock again and taking it back into her mouth.
I now know that one of Sarah's sexual talents was giving head. When her tongue went to work, it was magic but what was really incredible was her ability to deep throat and swallow loads of squirting cum without missing a beat.
Left to her own devices she would have probably given Alan the most memorable head job of his life. Instead, he grabbed a handful of the hair on the back of her head and just pushed her hard down on his cock and held her there while groping unsubtly at her breasts.
He looked at Jay and remarked: "Fuck, she's got great tits".
Jay grinned at him. "How do you like the shaved snatch"
Their words kind of set the tone for their overall attitude towards Sarah over the next hour or so. She wasn't going to be an equal particpant, she was going to be a hot body they fucked.
And the hot body - Sarah - was going to love it.
I saw Alan move his hand from her breasts to her bare pubic mound but I didn't hear his response because at that moment Emma spoke from the mattress a few feet away: "Are you going to stand there watching them or are you going to get undressed and fuck us"
I turned my gaze to them and half-laughed. She was right - what the hell was I doing standing there while two girls in a naked embrace were waiting for me to complete the other half of what appeared to be unfolding as more of a 'double threesome' than a full-on group session.
In the 20 seconds flat it took me to shed my clothes, I watched Kayleigh sucking hungrily on Emma's right nipple as she palmed the breast with her left hand while simultaneously working the fingers of her right hand between her labia.
Emma lay there on her back, knees apart, stroking Kayleigh's dark hair, while using a vibrator in her tight pussy, and watching me get ready to join them.
When I did, I lay on Emma's left, shared a quick open-mouthed kiss with her and then dropped my mouth to her free breast and mirrored Kayleigh's actions on that side.
I intended that we would both masturbate her but Kayleigh gave way as I slipped my own hand between Emma's legs so I took over from the now withdrawn vibrator.
Emma's cunt was running wet and my fingers slipped easily inside her. "Fuck me..." she groaned and Kayleigh rolled off her breast as I got on top and slid my rigid cock into Emma's cunt.
She immediately set the pace with a frantic couple of minutes of hard fucking, just me and her rolling around, almost struggling with each other for the dominant position.
In the midst of it, I heard Sarah cumming although I knew the muffled sound meant she had a cock in her mouth.
I glanced over and she was in the same position as before with Alan's cock still buried in her mouth but Jay had gone down on her and his face was hard between her legs which hung over his shoulders. She still had one of her high heels on but the other had been lost when Alan dragged her onto the mattress.
By this time I was on my back and Emma was sitting up astride me. She leaned forward and her small firm breasts hung down over my face so I hungrily groped at them and sucked at her nipples, stealing occasional glances to the side to glimpse the action on the far side of the mattresses.
Kayleigh lay about a foot away between us and them, also watching the other threesome. I reached out and stroked her thigh and buttocks.
She smiled at me just briefly glancing at Sarah who was now on all fours, face down in Jay's lap as he sat cross legged at her head and Alan pounded away at her doggy style from the other end.
I wondered how she was managing with Jay's cock - from what I'd seen he was pretty well endowed - but from where I lay she appeared to coping well and he was stroking her hair and groaning: ""Oh baby, that's hot, oh yeah!"
She can't have been being too subtle about it though - she was being shoved forward into Jay's lap every time Alan banged into her from behind.
"Come on, you like it hard, don't you" Alan demanded and Sarah responded by setting up her own rhythm, pushing back against him so his thighs made a slapping noise against her buttocks.
I shifted my attention back to Emma whose hands were flat on my chest as she rode my cock with rhythmic fore and aft motions of her hips.
"Kayleigh..." she moaned and her girlfriend knelt beside her, slipping one hand round Emma's waist and resting her head on her shoulder. She reached between us and once again began masturbating Emma who groaned and soon began to cum. Then she picked up the vibrator and gently inserted it into Emma's other little hole. I felt its hardness as my cock moved inside Emma.

Then suddenly, I felt Katleighs fingers enter my arse. She pushed hard, and I knew I was in danger of cumming, pinned beneath Emma as her rhythm broke down into a bucking and she gasped out her climax, I was unable to prevent it and I shot my boiling semen into her.
At that, Kayleigh returned to her former position and Emma dismounted me and fell between us, heedless of the hot semen running from her, splashing on my thigh and dripping on the crumpled sheet. Catching her breath, she turned to me and we embraced, kissing deeply. Her hand found my hard cum-slicked cock and she grasped it, giving it a couple of skilful strokes which made me jump and gasp again.
"I hope you're going to be able to keep that up," she whispered, "you haven't forgotten Kayleigh, have you"
"No way," I said, "but I might need a few minutes to recover."
"Only a few minutes" Emma laughed, gently massaging a few more drips of cum from my cock.
"Mmm... keep that up and it'll be a few seconds," I groaned.
Maybe I was exaggerating about 'seconds' but I wasn't lying about a few minutes. In the excitement of the party sessions I was often sporting a renewed hard-on and a refreshed desire within 5 minutes.
But it annoyed the hell out of me that I was unable to go for more than a few minutes under those circumstances before my orgasm was rising. Normally I hold off for ages but the scene had me overheating in no time and I'd have to suddenly pull out or stop thrusting and try desperately to hold off.
As Emma and I lay there kissing and running our hands over each other, I became aware of Sarah again, just a few feet away with Jay and Alan.
The boy's voices had been a constant background noise but while my attention was focussed on indulging myself with Emma I had barely noticed their words.
Now I heard them clearly in an almost constant dialogue of comments and directions to each other as well as Sarah.
I raised myself on one elbow to look across at them, continuing to grope at Emma and Kayleigh as I did so.
It seemed as if the two men spent no more than a minute in any position before it bored them or they wanted the vantage point the other had.
They were constantly moving around Sarah, shoving her into place and rearranging her repeatedly, talking non-stop: "Turn her over" "Get her on her side" "Go on, fuck her" "Roll her on her back" "Hold her legs open" "Stick it in her mouth".
Their attentions might have been more youth and less than couth and certainly not sensitive but it didn't matter to Sarah - she was a willing sex doll for the two boys.
She eagerly complied when they needed assistance to stick their cocks in her from a new and different angle and issued similarly abrupt commands to her: "Stick your arse up" "Get it in" "On your hands and knees" "Suck on it"
And between their orders and prompts, they moaned lewd compliments and encouragement to her such as: "Ooh, do you like it hard like that" or commented to each other as if she wasn't even there in terms like: "She's a good fuck, isn't she"
This last comment came from Alan as he lay on top of Sarah, his full weight on her, squeezing her breasts cruelly hard and slamming his cock into her so violently she cried out with each thrust.
Then he let out a gutteral noise: "Mmmph! Grrruuumph!'
We all looked on as Alan stiffened on top of her, thrusting his hips as far forward as he could as he filled Sarah's cunt with his cum. Then, with a last grunt, he collapsed onto her, careless of squashing the breath out of her.
"Let the poor girl breath, Alan," said Kayleigh.
"Yeah, get off," said Jay and, as Alan rolled off Sarah, Jay immediately took his place, slipping his cock into her cum-filled cunt.
He snorted. "She's all sloppy now."
"God, Jay, you're such a gentleman," observed Kayleigh, sarcastically.
Jay paid no attention. He held himself above Sarah looking down to watch his cock sliding in and out of her.
It was obvious despite his protestation that he was enjoying 'going slops'.
Fascinated, I raised myself a little more so I too could see the back and forth passage of his huge cock into Sarah's vagina. His shaft glistened with the other boy's cum and the sheet beneath her grew dark and damp as his movements pumped the semen from her and it dribbled between her arse cheeks. Sarah began rising up to meet his inward thrusts, moaning rhythmically in that way I knew so well heralded a major orgasm. Jay kept the pace slow and even and a minute later she was screaming out and writhing beneath him.
But even as her louder screams subsided, he recognised from her movements and noises that she'd only gone to the first level of a massive multiple orgasm and he wisely maintained the same pace so that soon she was hitching beneath him again, moaning 'ohhh! ohhh! ohhh!' then bucking wildly and screaming out at the top of her lungs.
As she collapsed beneath him, Jay made some aside to Alan which I missed then he fell fully on Sarah and began shafting his cock into her as hard as he could so she let out a winded, involuntary cry at every inward thrust.
I thought he was in the final wild run towards his own orgasm but it transpired he was determined to make Sarah cum again and was going to do it by dispensing with subtlety and pounding his big cock into her. It was a move which had her shrieking out another orgasm inside a minute.
My cock, still in Emma's gloriously gentle grip, was rock hard.
"Mmm, you like watching her being fucked, don't you" she smiled
"Maybe," I replied, twitching as her hand job became more vigorous. Maybe More like absolutely. It had barely been 5 minutes since I had shot my load into Emma and the sight of Sarah cumming again and again beneath Jay had been hotter than I can describe.
"Well maybe it'd turn me on to watch you fucking Kayleigh," she whispered, her hot breath in my ear making me shudder, and she reached out and caught her friend's hand, drawing her to us.
Kayleigh was especially responsive as I kissed her neck and breasts but when I slid my hand down the flat of her belly and cupped her pubic mound and crotch I found her hot and damp, her labia swollen and pouting. And when I slipped one then two fingers between her cunt lips, I discovered furnace heat and thick, slick wetness.
Emma was pressing herself against me from behind, sandwiching me between her and her girlfriend, and reaching round to continue her skilful massaging of my cock until her hand gave way to Kayleigh's suddenly eager grasp.
I felt Kayleigh begin to respond at last to the attention I was giving her clit and cunt, her hips gently starting to lift and fall, then, pulling me by my cock, she rolled onto her back, drawing me over onto her. Our mouths locked in a deep tongueing kiss as she guided me to her and I slid my cock into her hot wet vagina.
She began moving beneath me, holding me down upon her. After a minute or so, her breathing became more laboured and she began moving more vigorously against me.
Suddenly she was panting in my ear: "Oh... oh... ooh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." and I obliged, thrusting into her and bringing her to a shuddering, clenched jawed orgasm within a couple of minutes.
I withdrew and rolled her on her side to face Emma so that where a few minutes ago I had been sandwiched between the two women, Kayleigh was now between Emma and me.
I slipped my rigid pole into her cunt from behind as Emma kissed her open mouth and caressed her breasts.
Then I felt Emma's hand stroking my balls between Kayleigh's legs and running her fingertips around my shaft where it disappeared into Kayleigh's cunt.
Once or twice I felt her hook a fingertip up into her friend's vagina, forcing it in alongside my cock and eliciting an extra hitch in her breathing. Then she settled into a gentle back and forth motion of fingertips on Kayleigh's clit and began a slow process of bringing her to another orgasm.
I heard a noise of surprise from someone else who was enjoying the attention of two at once.
Behind me, Sarah gasped, then I heard her say 'I don't know if I can'.
Craning back, hearing Alan saying 'Come on' and Jay, more gently, urging her to relax, I saw a sight which surprised me mightily.

Alan, obviously also enjoying a refreshed erection, was lying on his back. Sarah was face down, her knees drawn up, on top of him.
And while Alan's cock was obviously buried in her cunt, it appeared that Jay, half squatting behind her, was busy easing his cock into her ass.
I watched fascinated by what was happening.
She was moaning, a little in pain but with a throaty undertone of lust, as Jay pushed forward. "Oh god! It's so full!" she gasped as he finally penetrated her completely, while Alan held her fast against him with both arms around her, compressing her breasts against his chest.
I wondered how on earth Sarah was coping with not only the relative haste with which Jay had entered her virgin back passage but also his sheer size. Then he started fucking at her doggy style and I caught her wide-eyed expression as she went 'oh! oh! oh!' at the rocking movement the two men set up with her sandwiched between them.
She saw me looking at her and gave me a look as if to say "I can't believe this".
"Are you ok" I asked.
"They're both in me!" she gasped.
"I can see that," I replied.
I guess she understood what I meant. "No," she said, "they're both in me - in my pussy!"
Jay grinned at me. "You should try it..."
But before I could even process my thoughts, let alone think of what to say, Kayleigh began to cum, still impaled from behind on my cock as Emma masturbated her from the front and my attention was diverted back to the threesome I was having.
Over the next several minutes, Emma and I manipulated Kayleigh as Jay and Alan had spent the entire session manipulating Sarah. All I had to do was choose a position or follow Emma's lead and keep my cock fucking in and out of Kayleigh's wet hole while Emma brought her off twice more.
While this was happening, my attention was split between the experience I was having with the two women and watching what was happening to Sarah as the two men continued their rapid-fire direction of my girlfriend from one position to another and back again.
Now, however, it had settled into variations on one theme only, sandwiching her between them face down, on her back, on her side, and filling her cunt with two cocks at once.
Later Sarah said when they'd first positioned her like that, she'd thought Jay was about to push his cock in her back there, then he had taken her completely by surprise when he'd stuffed his big hard member into her cunt alongside Alan's.
She hadn't thought she could take them both at first but she was still well slicked by Alan's cum from earlier and he'd also never quite got fully hard again.
She said it was incredible when they were in and moving but because they kept changing positions she'd just get going then they'd pull out. "But it was worth it when they came - feeling two guys shooting into me at the same time - wow!"
Which kind of explained what I'd heard and seen. There was the sound of regular moaning from Sarah as at last they'd held the double pumping motion into her long enough and rhythmically enough for her orgasm to begin rising. Then Alan's voice, panting: "Nearly there, nearly there!"
Both Emma and I raised our heads from sucking on Kayleigh's nipples to see Sarah back in the very first face-down position she'd been sandwiched in but with Alan in the upper position gripping her hips and banging hard into her.
"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" he grunted and Jay, between clenched teeth in beat with a series of violent upward thrusts of his hips, replied: "Yes... yes... yes!"
Alan started cumming first. It was sort of obvious: "Ohh, I'm cumming!" he grunted, slamming wildly into Sarah.
Jay was just two thrusts behind him, letting out an explosive 'gahhh!' and arching rigidly beneath them, blowing his pent-up semen into Sarah's widely stretched and already overflowing cunt.
Between them, her face pressed against the side of Jay's neck, Sarah was helpless to do anything but be jerked and buffeted by their movements - and to scream a long muffled 'ohhh!!' into Jay's neck as her own orgasm overcame her.
I was incredibly turned on by what I was seeing. Emma caught the look on my face. "Did you like that" she said.
Then she reached down to cup my balls as I rested inside Kayleigh who suddenly squeezed her cunt muscles around my cock. I was so turned on I almost came involuntarily and pulled out to prevent myself going off.
Emma's reaction was to bob down and plunge her mouth over my cock, giving it a long slow suck as she slid back off me.
"Mmm," she said, "I can taste Kayleigh all over you!" And she started licking my balls and the length of my shaft at the same time as gliding my cock against Kayleigh's sopping labia - which had the same effect as just 30 seconds earlier.
But this time there was no pulling away and I began spurting cum, my cock of gusher of semen which sprayed over Kayleigh's cunt and Emma's face before Emma capped the flow with her lips.
She greedily swallowed two or three spurts then quickly pulled back and aimed my cock head between Kayleigh's cunt lips where, thrusting in, I deposited a final squirt of semen while Emma licked around my balls and across Kayleigh's cunt, lapping up the salty liquid spilled in the first mind-blowing second of my eruption.
My toes and fingers tingled and there were stars in front of my eyes as I twitched and jerked at Emma's light tongue and Kayleigh squeezing and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing her cunt muscles around me, milking the last desultory drops from my balls.
As I recovered, I looked over at Sarah. She was still on top of Jay, his cock inside her, but Alan had withdrawn from her doubly abused cunt and was at her head, holding her up and fucking her slack jawed mouth with his rapidly softening cock.
"Yeah, come on, suck it baby," he was muttering to her, "taste it, lick it all off..."
Sarah complied, licking him from his balls to the head of his cock between his rude thrusts into her mouth.
Alan glanced over at us just as Emma was rising from between Kayleigh's legs and he pulled out of Sarah's mouth. "Get her off you, get her on her back," he urged Jay and they rolled the limp Sarah onto the mattress.
Alan grinned at me. "You'll like this," he said, then he called out: "Hey, come and lick her out too. She's full to overflowing..."
Emma crawled over to where her sister Sarah lay, parted her legs and looked up to make sure everyone was watching. Then she plunged her face between Sarah's legs, lapping eagerly at the semen running from her cunt.
She raised her head every so often, licking her lips, her face smeared with cum, to ensure she was still enjoying an enthralled audience, then returned to her party trick with renewed vigour.
Sarah's reaction was to lie there and let one small, final orgasm wash across her body as Emma's young tongue darted repeatedly into her vagina.
Then it was over and Alan and Kayleigh left to go home. Sarah, coming out of her daze looked at me, and said that she remembered how mad she had been (sort of) when she found her teen sister and I had been fucking, but now she was more than happy with the arrangement. She looked at me and said she enjoyed my cooking.

Jay and Emma moved to each other and gently rubbed each others raw sex organs.
I got some baby lotion and stroked Sarah's red swollen pussy.

Anyone hungry” I asked.

No one answered. Well, I suppose you could say Emma had enjoyed a meal and so had Sarah.

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